Simone Irani has called Singapore home for over 30 years. The versatile and
intuitive designer was born in Mumbai and lived in London for a few years
before moving to the little red dot. Her creative vibe has flourished since she
started designing in 2004, with Simone’s timeless and ultrachic resort wear
collection effortlessly carrying you from day to night in any setting.

A skillful, self-taught designer who was a corporate lawyer in her previous life,
Simone has carved a niche for herself within the women’s resort wear industry
in dynamic and multicultural Singapore. Her clothes flatter most body shapes
and make women stand out. They are not for the fainthearted.

“There are no rules in design. It must feel intuitively and aesthetically right.”
Simone wants women to feel confident and most importantly, have fun in her creations.
Her stylish clothes are a statement of who you are—a vibrant and free-spirited woman.
“I understand the demands of multi-tasking women in modern day life,
who still want to look and feel their best” says Simone


“I want to celebrate the
individuality in you,
I want to open a door
in your closet you never
knew existed.”

Simone is inspired by people, places, textures
colors and materials from across the globe.

Simone has a passion for bold prints, light fabrics and different cuts.
Often inspired by the richness of traditional clothes, she takes conventional
styles and gives them a contemporary twist to form unique silhouettes.
This metamorphosis is most evident in her sari dress, where Simone
wanted to simplify wearing a sari. Her other signature pieces are printed
kaftans, sari pants and tops, and her bold and exotic printed maxis.

Simone finds inspiration in combining various local elements that she finds during her travels and finding ways to incorporate these iseas into her stylish creations.

“I want to celebrate the individuality in you, I want to open a door in
your closet you never knew existed.” And you are never going to close it,
now that you have seen what it has to offer.

Photography by Claudia Goetzelmann