Travel & Inspiration: Rajasthan, India

Simone often combines work and play to get the most out of her travels. She finds inspiration in discovering local elements and incorporating them into her designs. India’s architecture and landscape, especially in Rajasthan are a huge inspiration for Simone. She is attracted to bold prints and specific fabrics she discovers during her trips. She finds beauty in contrast and opposites and likes to mix different worlds and cultures.

Her different worlds come together in her designs, with some pleasant surprises. Simone wants you to experience the traditional Indian sari in a refreshing way. The one-of-a-kind sari pieces like the Christina pant or the Pia dress are adorned with handmade tassels in bright fuchsia, purple and yellow. These tassels pay homage to the colourful backdrops of Rajasthan and carry the beauty, grace and bright colours that Simone often finds herself admiring about India.