Collections: Boldness & Softness

Simone’s collections showcase an interesting combination of different elements in a unique way, where boldness and softness co-exist. Bright colours and prints are
married with soft flowy textures for women who aren’t afraid to be feminine yet strong.

“I experiment to see how different prints can work with certain silhouettes as well as contrasting designs and textiles. My perspective is to embrace the unexpected.”

Simone cleverly combines different textiles as well as saris and converts them into dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits and tops.

“I drape a lot. I take the fabric and play around with it. It’s the way the process happens. It’s my way of creating and coming up with new cuts.”

Simone’s clothes are all about marrying opposites, while finding balance and harmony in things that one wouldn’t normally expect to put together.

Tassels are sometimes used as a feature in the clothes and are craftily handmade from remnants of fabrics to ensure that every part of the fabric is used and nothing goes to waste.